• Comprehensive legal solutions for businesses

  • Legal and business assistance to startups at every growth stage

  • Legal support to renewable energy investments

Business lawyers

We are law firm focused on providing legal support to any business ventures. We specilize in advising to companies from technology (IT, e-commerce), energy and construction sectors.

Understanding of Clients and their needs

We closely cooperate with our Clients through support of their products and services. We understand business needs of our Clients. That allows us to provide tailor-made services.

Comprehensive solutions

We support each and every stage of business endeavour. We provide you all-in-one services. Hence we cooperate with experts in various specialties, including IT, business development, tax and financial advisors, accountants, patent attorneys, HR.

About Us

Cooperation with clients and understating of business needs are of the utmost values for us

The world rushes along and the law simply does not follow. Therefore, our mission is to provide customers with innovative solutions and practical support in everyday projects.   

We cooperate with experts from different sectors, so that we know our clients businesses. We do not close ourselves to regulatory framework only. We find solutions most consistent with the objectives of clients.

Besides legal solutions, we propose and implement business solutions. We offer our knowledge and experience in the development of companies and products or services.

If you do not know what business model applies to your idea or how to pitch it to investors, please , contact us


At your service


We advise entrepreneurs from the very beginning of the emergence of an idea. We guide founders and entrepreneurs on corporate formation, structuring founders’ stock and how to legally protect your idea or a finished product. We help and we handle all the formalities associated with starting a business. We support startups at each and every development stage – formation, financing (seed, rounds), employee stock options, corporate governance and exits.

We provide permanent, day-to-day legal services, as well as support individual cases. We advise to founders and investors (angel investors, venture capital).

New technology

We assist entrepreneurs in various technology transactions:

  • implementation of IT systems – contract negotiations and constant current control over the process of implementation
  • purchase and sale of technology
  • licensing agreements and transfer of rights in the field of technology and software
  • outsourcing
  • protection of intellectual property
  • personal data
  • e-commerce
  • commercialization of knowledge (R+D)
  • cleantech
Corporate law

We provide corporate advisory services:

  • choice of optimal legal form for specific business solutions
  • establishment (or liquidation) of companies, branches and representative offices of foreign companies
  • M&A transactions and transformation processes
  • current legal services for businesses
  • legal audits of companies (due dilligance)
  • setting-up businesses abroad, including off-shore funds
  • preparation, evaluation and negotiation of commercial contracts, including contracts with foreign entities (USA, Great Britain, Middle East, China), as well as joint venture agreements
  • representation in front of courts
Renewable energy
  • we support every stage of the investment in renewable energy – starting from acquisition/lease of land, special purpose vehicle incorporation, constructions/mounting works, legal procedures and paperwork
  • we provide support for investments in both small and large installations, as well as for the Polish “Prosument” Programme
  • we handle all the formalities related to applications for financing or refinancing

Our law firm supports – so far – the two largest investments in renewable energy (solar panels and photovoltaic) in Poland totally amounting to approx. PLN 100 million.

We are also heavily involved in spreading the idea of obtaining and use of energy from renewable sources.


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